5 Days to Stop Hating on Change,

Write your Next Page,

+ Turn the Losses of 2020

into Lifelong Lessons

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Darling, I'm so HAPPY You're HERE.


This year has brought us on a long journey of never-been-dreamed-of events. 

The world has been challenged + changed... 

and now is the time to embrace the lessons learned, so that you can yield LASTING transformation. 

In just 15 minutes for five days, this challenge will guide you to:

* Healthy Reflection (vs static rumination)

* Positive Daydreaming (vs pessimistic futuring + worry)

* Solidify the lessons learned + journey through the clear looking glass to your Wonderland.

All the way, I'll be feeding you with

* Practical tools to define, design, and remind yourself to stay on task and on- path

* Community opportunities to revel + relate

* Accountability to transition desire into habit, and habits into the daily "good" life

     Let's prioritize our mental wellbeing together: 


November 30th - December 5th, 2020





5- Day Schedule 

(all materials will be released at 7am EST from November 30-December 5th,

Stay tuned for BONUSES!)


  • Day One: Taking Stock (a meditation + reflection)

  • Day Two: Takeaways + Turnarounds  (a worksheet )

  • Day Three: Values Illuminated (Video tutorial + Q&A)

  • Day Four: Grateful Action (Make a plan)

  • Day Five: Maintaining Attention (Physical + Meditation Practice)

  • BONUS : Q+A, Wednesday, December 2nd @7:30pm EST

  • BONUS: Happiness Hour, Friday, December 5th @ 5pm EST


When you sign up with a crew you EACH will placed in a drawing for the BONUS GRATEFUL GOODIE BOX! (To be chosen November 28th)

I'm your  "WINDY- ROAD" Coach

An EXPERT in Change, Transition & Mental Security

My life has been defined by CHANGE.

* I have four parents and nine siblings.

* I have built a life in five places. 

* I have had multiple, profound love relationships. 

* I have taught in hundreds of locations, globally.

* I have been an actress and singer, a yoga teacher, a program director, a Harvard teaching fellow, a manager, a coach and a CEO (to name a few).

To many, this might seem like the path of TERROR. 

But, for me, it has been the path of TRUST and TRANSFORMATION.

Through it all, I have been steady.  I have had teachers, practices, and helpful tools that have led me to learn to turnaround the discomfort, listen to my highest self, and live my desires in service to the world's need.

Over the years:

My friendships and family relationships have grown deeper. 

My finances have held strong.

My purpose in the world has gotten clearer and clearer.

My physical and mental health has thrived.

I now can practice tuning my choices to joy, abundance + possibility...

and I have built the solidest of grounds on the foundation of CHANGE.

In five days, let me show you how you can resist the fear, turn the rubble of 2020 into deep learning, and rocket fuel your next chapter with gratitude + alignment.

It's time to move forward into the life you may not even DREAM is coming!

Hi There!. I'm Haley...