5 Days to 

Review, Redo & Rewrite the

Map for the new Decade

Welcome to the 5 DAY Version of the 2020 Challenge!


This free-for-all will include:

* Daily prompts

* Recordings & Worksheets to Codesign your Action Plan

* Live Meet-Ups Day 1,3 & 5!

You'll Learn:

* Your CORE Formula for Growth in Uncertainty:

     Your combo of- 

             Resilience, Resolve, Release & Respect

* How you can get clear on your role, gifts, & capacity to contribute.

* Practical tools to define, design, and remind yourself of your intention.

* The path to understanding your hurdles and correct for them.


5 Days on Your Time - Launching August 2020


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SUMMER SPECIAL:  $495 Special Offer is for NEW Coaching Clients & Includes:


4 coaching sessions + a Personalized “Vacation at Home” plan for You

(with or without your family)


Through practical, simple exercises that provide challenge, support & repetition, you will learn how to prime your body and mind for creative flow, impactful action & deep self-care.


Our sessions will inform your personal design for:

  • Tools to set up your living space, schedule, and navigate responsibilities with a structure for creative living and lifelong learning.

  • Mindful & Writing Practices to  monitor and regulate the emotional and thinking patterns that keep you stuck, slow, and dissatisfied

  • Physical, Creative, & Relational classes to uncover a sense of possibility and play.



A Sample Vacation-from-Anywhere Plan Includes 

(to be personalized for your time/ budget/ environment & self-care style)


  • A "Set Up Your Bliss" Shopping List

  • 3 Audio Guided mindfulness practices

  • 3 Worksheets/ Journal Pages with Prompts 

  • Recipes for nourishment + Summer nutrition

  • 2 video classes (for those who need the visuals)

  • 3 Unique "Self-Care Style" Playlists



All one-on-one coaching sessions will be scheduled between (July 15- August 31)


Make this a Summer one of deep bliss and meaningful growth.


In 2011 I was living with the boy of my teenage dreams in Brooklyn.


I was performing at night in an off-off broadway dive in a show about enlightenment… (synchronicity runs deep in my veins)


By day, I was darting around the island of Manhattan from school to school, teaching infants, teens, teachers, and moms how to gain some space in their bodies and minds through yoga and mindfulness practices. 


And if that weren’t a full plate, on weekends, I was deep in an intensive training that linked the esoteric spiritual teachings of Gurdjieff, Yoga Dharma, and Tibetan Buddhism to radical living in 21st century New York City. 


I was lit up. On fire. Actively serving my communities with energy by the buckets when the bubble burst:


  • The yoga company I was working for closed shop

  • The show ended

  • A close friend was suddenly killed in a bike accident

  • My teenage dream and I decided after nearly a decade, we’d grow better separately than together.


I was falling…


But, cushioned by the teachings I’d been drinking in, the lessons I’d been toting around for years, and an electric community of friends and allies, I also recognized...

                                I was FREE.


From this open sky of free fall… FLY was born. 

(An (almost) acronym for Freedom Lives in You.)


The FLY curriculum helped me find my wings. I built a company that would serve thousands of students nationally and internationally… and eventually my lessons flew me right back here to Boston, and the teaching team at Harvard Graduate School of Education.


FLY is a curriculum that is built to transform moments of uncertainty into courses of intentional learning.  


It is the backbone for the work I do in school districts, with one one one coaching clients, in the classroom, and in the yoga studio. 


This Summer, I am offering my hard-earned skills to design you an action plan to enhance your sense of purpose, play, and possibility.

Let's REBOOT that plan with 5 day challenge!

Hi There!. I'm Haley...




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