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Centering Wellbeing for 21st Century Thriving

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Founded in 2012, Haley Dawn built FLY - a collective of visionary coaches & care professionals looking to disrupt and infuse the lives of teachers and leaders with the fullness of values-driven, research-backed policies and practices aimed to enhance social-emotional wellbeing and reduce burnout. 

Having taught in over one hundred schools and organizations and served ten thousand students, Haley has evolved in-person classes and workshops to serve wider networks through our professional development, coaching & method-based consultancy.

We recognize the constraints and limitations of working in the digital landscape, the challenges of bureaucracies, online workspaces, and social hierarchies, and are passionate about creating personalized and strategic practices to bring greater self-care, creativity, and compassion to your personal work and mission.



Hi! I'm Haley

 I am a passionate believer in human intelligence, beauty & goodness.

I have an insatiable urge to learn, to grow, & to uncover the hurdles we all encounter as we become who we long to be.

For the past fifteen years, I've put my nose into practice, research, teaching, & business hustling to offer up the very best practices that create the conditions for thriving - in school, work, at home, & in personal relationships.



Where you can find me:

 + On the teaching team of Mindfulness & Human Development courses at Harvard Graduate School of Education

 + In my digital studio leading classes, workshops & more!

+ Building a space for growth, retreat, and transcendence in Vermont

 + Dancing around my Cambridge home, & snuggling with my blue-eyed pup, Jai.

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