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Burn Bright, Don't Burn Out



Our Training is for ANY body with expertise they wish to share as leaders and influencers --  So you love teaching about social justice? music? yoga? sex ed? health? BUT you need support to navigate the limits of schools and/ or organizations... we'll give you the skills, support, community, and best practices necessary to start a fulfilling and impactful hustle.  




This training includes modules on Personal Purpose and Training style, Entre- and Intra- prenurial skills for accomplishing goals and fulfilling desires within institutional settings, and Self Care and Community Care best practices straight from the FLY curriculum.

Some model lessons:

  • Pedagogy & Presentation: Skills for teaching, presenting, and forming your expert voice

  • Social Entrepreneurship: Tools to build a network, stay organized, state your value, fulfill on your agreements, nurture relationships and effect change by sharing your gifts.

  • Mindful Curriculum: Rules, Tools, and Games for building classes that stay true to the FLY pedagogy, mission and values.



The program is designed to fulfill your needs for Freedom and Structure.

Freedom is designed into our weekly content:

Released on Sundays, with a short video and a few assignments, you can do all content on your own pace within the week.

Conversations and assignment discussion boards all take place on our Slack page where the continued conversation can occur on your own time and pace :)

Structure is embedded within our community agreements:

You will commit to a weekly group coaching call that fits your schedule. Allot for two hours a week to dive deeper into content, get feedback from like-minded community, and practice sharing your vision and nurturing relationships.

You will also have three one-on-one personal clarity calls with Haley or a senior FLY coach.


Don't let your teaching fire burn out!!!

We know how challenging it can be to serve.

We truly have a desire to watch you live your gifts.

We believe educators are the fuel of a revolution.


Allow us keep that flame in your body, heart & mind fed with support, creativity, wisdom, balance, ease, and community alignment. 



$1800 brings you the whole shebang!

- 12 weeks of content

- 12 weeks of group coaching and online learning sessions

- 3 weeks of personal coaching

- a lifetime connection to the FLY network



Need more info? I'd love to jump on a clarity call with you!




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