welcome to
your summer of soul

Renew your Commitments - Review your Values- Revel in Clarity
Realize Your Work-Life Harmony 

What it includes...

The "Getting to Know Your Soul Style" Workshop

Four 1-1 sessions of Personal goal coaching and mapping

Yoga, Exercise + Nutrition Design for Summer Practice

Breathing + Mindfulness tools to interact with stressful situations

Artistic approaches to aligning with your values + ENJOYING LIFE MORE 

what is coaching?


Developmental coaching is a process of reflection, experimentation, & discovery that allows participants to better meet the demands of transformation: making empowered decisions, managing stress, developing sustainable relationships, producing creative work, & finding joyful purpose in living.

One-on-one coaching is a shared commitment to & an engagement with a Life Curriculum that includes enhancing attention, organizing & activating creativity, engaging with the body, & fulfilling one's commitments. With coaching support, students use a research-backed process to build self-efficacy, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

I have worked with hundreds of young people over the past fifteen years to adopt easy & effective strategies attuned to overcoming social, learning, & emotional challenges. I am fully committed to bringing a greater sense of self-knowledge to every teen & teaching them how to get out of their own way to live from a more empowered, compassionate, & creative foundation.

the results

Transformation from Burnout to Burning Brighter

Coaching aligns daily responsibilities to value-driven actions so that you can infuse your life with forward momentum in exactly the right ways to gain vitality + creativity.


Greater Emotional Capacities

Practices reduce stress, enhance self-esteem, + strengthen personal connection to what you want


Higher Capability to Conquer Life's Roller Coaster

Learn the nuts + bolts of life systems: goal setting, prioritization, building strong social networks & mindful life-work flow.


Mastery of Communication 101... up through Ninja-Level

Gain the bravery to engage in difficult conversations, discover and ask for what you want, + speak confidently/ passionately about what matters most.

the transformational growth framework


Engage with practical

tools for meeting life demands.

Challenges come in many forms.

And they are necessary to change the status quo.

If it ain't working - we can find a better way...

Together we'll determine ways to lean in to your growth edge & build the skills necessary for thriving.


Develop regular, consistent habits. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Whether it's completing schoolwork, social media management, prioritizing you-time, or staying physically or creatively engaged... 

We all have things we wish we could stick to.

I'm here to help you stay on course for what matters most.



Enhance relational skills, find voice & speak out with love.

How we ask for what we need, listen to our communities, & talk to ourselves are the make-it-or-break-it skills that no one teaches in school.

I help teens get clear, choose powerful words & build bravery to use their voices for the good they hope to make in the world.


About Haley

Ed.M, Human Development & Psychology

Harvard University

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I'm a girl from Miami - 

A creative spirit on a mission-

A founder of an educational movement- fly learning arts

A Harvard "stamped" super nerd with a color-coded bookcase - 

Above all- I am a passionate believer in human intelligence, beauty & goodness.

I have an insatiable urge to learn, to grow, & to uncover the hurdles we all encounter as we become who we long to be.

For the past fifteen years, I've put my nose into practice, research, teaching, & business hustling to offer up the very best practices that create the conditions for thriving - in school, work, at home, & in personal relationships.


              where you can find me:

 + On the teaching team of Mindfulness & Human Development courses at Harvard Graduate School of Education

 + In my digital studio leading classes, workshops & more!

+ Building a space for growth, retreat, and transcendence in Vermont

 + Dancing around my Cambridge home, & snuggling with my blue-eyed pup, Jai.