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Seekers of Control... Your Regulation superpower is CREATIVITY

You may always be at the ready to jump into action, work up till the deadline, push through conflict, & produce your best, Seekers of Control get energized by stress... until they crash.




You can tend toward FIGHT...

With your stress style you are more likely to push too far, then take it easy on yourself. You may sometimes feel like the only one who can "fix" a problem & can run yourself ragged making sure nobody sees you fail.


When overwhelmed, you may get heated & notice yourself judging yourself or blaming others when they don't produce to perfection.



Haley Dawn

Transformation from Burnout to Burning Brighter
Coaching aligns daily responsibilities to value-driven actions so that you can infuse your life with forward momentum in exactly the right ways to gain vitality + creativity.

Greater Emotional Capacities
Practices reduce stress, enhance self-esteem, + strengthen personal connection to what you want
Higher Capability to Conquer Life's Roller Coaster
Learn the nuts + bolts of life systems: goal setting, prioritization, building strong social networks & mindful life-work flow.
Mastery of Communication 101... up through Ninja-Level
Gain the bravery to engage in difficult conversations, discover and ask for what you want, + speak confidently/ passionately about what matters most.

Packages + Offerings



"Practice Makes Possible"

                  ~Haley Dawn Roth

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