Infusing Schools with 21st Century Approaches

Our consultancy aims to bring Wellbeing to the center of school policy and pedagogical approach.


Through research backed practices, our consultants and coaches work deeply with school administration, teachers and students to create simple, personalized ways to transform a school's core culture to "care" culture, resulting in higher levels of teacher & student engagement, empowered clarity of school values that inform policy & productivity, and a unified school community that uplifts one another through restorative & mindful approaches to learning.

Through our One Day Needs Assessment you will learn the ins- and outs- of how your school FEELS about learning- the social emotional inhibitors that are causing breakdown and distress, analysis of the contributing elements of school culture & policy that are perpetuating disorder, & be offered personalized policy recommendations designed to alleviate the pain point from its heart.

We cannot wait to get to know all the great work you are already doing in your community, and what we might create together to make your school FLY.


We INVITE you to click the link below to set up a call with our Founder, Haley Dawn Roth (Ed.M, Harvard University) today so we may begin to give your students and staff all they need to thrive.


Our Theory of Change

We work with a Integrative Model to nurture and support the entire school community: administrators, teachers, students and families.








Our Offerings

  • An in-depth needs assessment targeted at locating your school’s most salient goals and growth points.

  • Workshops and professional development seminars that align FLY philosophy with your school’s mission and values

  • In-classroom support for teachers and students to integrate FLY method into their every day learning.

  • Family engagement ideas, resources, materials and events to communicate and reach the entire extended community.

Past Initiatives

  • Reformed and implemented new intake protocols, practices & school wide initiatives for disciplinary interventions, including emotional regulation tools, developmentally appropriate self-reporting curriculum, and school wide professional development to re-imagine "punitive" policies and create "restorative" policies.

  • Rewriting and aligning a schools Code of Values to better communicate to teachers and students the Values and Agreements between administration/ families/ and learning communities.

  • School wide attendance at our three month launchpad designed to enhance work and learning communities by developing aligned language, habits and social emotional practices for their classrooms.

  • Designed and led family and student events that illuminated a high school culture, empowering conversations around social media, bullying,  gender dynamics, and power in and out of the school community.

We would love to connect further and learn more about how your school can continue to grow with us.

Relevant Research & Key Concepts that Inspire FLY

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Robert Kegan

Sarah Lawrence Lightfoot

Richard Weissbourd

Ken Wilber

Carol Dweck





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