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Music, Movement + Mindfulness  for the Child in All of Us

These songs came through me at the PERFECT time.


They are here to empower.

They are here to help you reconnect.

They are written to teach us all how to better love our Selves, and better love each other.

Together, we will create our HARMONIOUS UNIVERSE

Harmonious Universe (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Back in 2012, when I founded FLY Yoga Arts,  I dreamed of bringing mindfulness and movement-infused learning to a national and international stage where we -as a learning community- might transform the values of classroom and school culture to CENTER on developing human hearts, wellbeing, social emotional capacity and building knowledge.

Throughout 2022, this new, full-length album of soulful songs will be accompanied by a decade of research backed curriculum for Nursery, K-5, and young adult.

But it's NOT just for kids...


This album and all the resources we roll out are for the child in ALL of us -

It is for the parts of us that need to rekindle our spark, our hope, and our capacity to do good in troubled times.



Our Curriculum Resources will include:


  • A Track by Track Experience + How-to-teach-fly guides

  • Video tutorials

  • Worksheets & Downloadables

  • Live Webinars for teachers, parents + caregivers

  • Access to our full research library that support mindful learning


Stay on our list to be first-to-know when each song's resources become available.

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