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You know this at the center of your beautiful, beating heart.

If you are an educator: someone who uses their gifts to pass joy, passion, ease, or healing to others, then you are in the perfect place.

Welcome to the movement.

We are here to ignite, invite, and attend to that creative spark and caring heart that marches you to the classroom/ studio/ drawing board again and again.

Allow us to empower your school with the Pillars of Practice to evolve your school's core culture to care culture.



Founded in 2012, FLY is a collective of visionary educators and consultants looking to disrupt and infuse the process of schooling with the fullness of values-driven, research backed policies and practices aimed to enhance social emotional wellbeing for educators, administrators, students and families. 

Having reached one hundred schools, ten thousand students and one thousand teachers of every subject, FLY has evolved its programs to serve wider school networks through our professional development, coaching & method-based consultancy.

We recognize the constraints and limitations of working within school institutions, and are passionate about creating personalized and strategic practices to bring greater self-care, creativity, and compassion to your personal work and into the classroom.

We are a community of like-minded leaders, growth-oriented educators, and research junkies, and WE HAVE TOOLS TO SHARE WITH YOU. 

Let's continue to awaken and inspire our selves, our students and our communities together.


Haley Dawn Roth, Ed.M, Harvard University

Founder / CEO / Dream Builder

I'm a girl from Miami - 

An artist on a mission - 

An ivy league "stamped" super nerd with a color coded book case - 

And a passionate believer in human intelligence, beauty and goodness.

I have an insatiable urge to change, to grow, and to nurture the nurturer in you.

And, I have dedicated the past fifteen years to the pursuit of best practices, researched methods, and deep relationships that create the conditions for students thriving.

I built a company on a shoestring, paid my own way through Harvard, and believe that intra-preneurial minded educators make the best revolutionaries.

My recipe:

self awareness + play + understanding => health, creativity, and capacity for meaningful life learning.


Here's what we have on tap for YOU:


Online Coaching & Professional Development

The FLY Launchpad is an online training offering personal coaching, community, curriculum and business strategies for educators with a mission LIKE YOU.


Want to revolutionize and revitalize your teaching practice?

Group Discussion


A Comprehensive Vision to Enhance Community Culture

Want to influence your community to adopt practices of kindness, creativity and wellbeing? 

Our experts will help you research, create and uplift your teaching staff with our playful assessments, coaching, development and design.

Chalkboard Drawings


Integrate Our Method into Action

We have spent the past seven years bringing yoga, mindfulness, and creative arts into classroom nationwide.


Connect to our brilliant community of teaching artists and see how we can infuse your class environment with practice & play!

Raising Hands